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(+44) 01438 870220

Job Vacancy: Are you an aspiring SEO All Star?

Do you have what it takes to get websites like eBay and Mothercare position 1 rankings for THE most competitive search terms ever entered into the Big G?

If you do, read on – If you don’t… or if you’re a recruitment agent that doesn’t know Google’s Penguin from their Panda then sorry, but we’re a little too busy right now!

Still reading? We’re impressed with your confidence already! iThinkMedia are a Search Marketing Agency based in an idyllic countryside location in Hertfordshire. We’re looking for the best SEO talent in the UK to join our team and help deliver a world class service to an exclusive portfolio of clients that includes eBay, WWE and Mothercare.

There’s no specific job title, there’s no salary cap it’s all down to you. Career progress is completely dependent on your drive to succeed and your ability to deliver.

You can be anything from an aspiring SEO junior that’s being held back to a Head of SEO that can build and lead a team into a truly world class SEO agency.

Besides a salary, we’re offering an opportunity to join a working environment that we like to think is a bit special. Where going to work isn’t a chore or routine but a place where your personality helps form the character of the business and the answer to “good day at work?” is always “Yes”.

You tell us the job title and the salary you want. You tell us why we need you and why you’re worth it!

However, a boring old CV isn’t going to get you this job… No way! First you have to get an interview. And to do that you need to impress us, sell yourself, and tell us why we should listen to your demands! How do you do that? Well that’s down to you!

Desired Skills & Experience

How are you going to apply for this job? Think of us as a potential client!

Hitting the ‘Apply Now’ button will only be enough to show your interest.

We never send our clients long and boring Word documents so nor should you.

We hate boring offices and don’t do corporate bulls*#t… Be Creative!

How To Apply

Click the button below to apply. Applications are submitted via Linkedin.

Apply Now!

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Recognising Our Inspirational Female Role Models

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