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#ThinkSearch October Wrap Up Search Highlights

Another month has flown past us way too quickly but we have seen a lot of changes and updates across SEO, PPC and Digital Content. To keep you up to date, we have put together the key search highlights from October.

Google has rolled out new shopping ads in Adwords

Just in time for the Christmas period, Showcase Shopping ads let you group together related products and display them all in the same ad.

According to Google, over 40% of shopping searches are for broad match terms. These ads have been designed to help users decide where to buy when they search for more general terms, such as “furniture”. Showcase Shopping ads allow businesses to reach new customers and get them thinking about their brand and products before they make a purchase.

Shopping Showcase Ads

Google rolls out a new look for mobile search results

Google has introduced a new curved mobile search results page, something they have been testing for several months now. The new look for mobile search results now closely resembles the device they are being displayed on.

All of the latest smartphones with edge-edge display have rounded corners. The new update is an appropriate fit for mobile search, nicely complementing today’s smartphones.

New Google Mobile Search Results

Facebook now lets you order food directly from its app

Facebook have announced that users in the US can order food for takeaway or delivery using its mobile app. Facebook have partnered with a number of third party food delivery services in order to facilitate the orders and give users a wide range of choice.

The app also allows you to discover new restaurants and see what your friends have to say about a restaurant before you order food.

Facebook users can browse restaurants nearby by visiting the ‘Order Food’ section in the explore menu. If the restaurant you want to order food from offers takeaway or delivery from multiple services, you can select the service you would like to use.

So if you already have an account with Deliveroo, you can easily order food with the same login information.

We can’t wait for this service to come to the UK!

Facebook App Food Delivery

Google is rolling out a new booking button for Google My Business pages that will now allow business to take direct bookings

The new feature, which is currently being rolled out in the US, allows people to book an appointment in under a minute directly through Google My Business. Businesses can also track how many bookings they are receiving from their Google My Business dashboard.

Creating a simple and easier booking experience could result in businesses gaining new customers. 

Google My Business Direct Bookings


LinkedIn is introducing Snapchat-like Geofilters for conferences and events

Earlier in the month, LinkedIn announced that they would be rolling out a new video feature that will allow event attendees to add snapchat style features to the videos they create.

Similar to location based filters used by Snapchat, conference attendees will be given the opportunity to add overlays to the videos they create and share within the LinkedIn App. The overlays are designed to look like conference badges and have the user’s profile picture in the right hand corner.

Video content is on the rise and is becoming an increasingly powerful way to communicate. It’s no surprise LinkedIn have decided to incorporate this feature into their app.

The Snapchat style feature adds a new dimension to the app and will enable users to not only promote events but also make the content they share a lot more engaging.

LinkedIn Geofilters

Our favourite campaign

We came across the Vauxhall “Pyjama mamas” campaign, created as a response to a UK headteacher who asked parents to stop doing their school run in their sleepwear. The advert shows pyjama dressed mums confidently strutting through the school gates, down supermarket aisles and at coffee shops to an upbeat soundtrack. The campaign celebrates hardworking mums conquering their day, even when wearing pyjamas!

Do you have any search highlights from October or any standout campaigns? Comment below or tweet us at @Honcho_Search – we would love to hear your thoughts!

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