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#ThinkSearch April Wrap Up Search Highlights

This month has brought loads of exciting updates across SEO, Paid Media and Content. We’ve gathered some of the highlights in our latest #ThinkSearch April roundup to make sure you’re always up to date with industry news.

Wetherspoons shut down their social media accounts

Earlier this month, JD Wetherspoon head office confirmed that the chain will be removing their social media accounts for both head office and all of their pubs with immediate effect.

Whetherspoons social media

Chairman Tim Martin said that he doesn’t think the move will affect business at all. Wetherspoons have cited the negative publicity that social media can generate and trolling as reasons for removing the accounts. Martin hopes the decision will make pub managers focus more on serving customers than using social media.

Google confirms rumours of algorithm change

On Twitter, Google confirmed that a broad core search algorithm update had taken place on the 16th April. According to Google, these broad changes are made several times per year, alongside specific algorithm changes happening almost daily.

The tweet from the Google SearchLiason account said that some sites might see positive or negative changes, and some may not see any changes at all.

What do you think? Have you noticed a change in your rankings since the update?

Facebook updates terms of service across all products

If you’ve logged in to Facebook or Instagram recently, you may have been asked to review their updated terms of service. This is clearly in response to the ongoing fallout from the Cambridge Analytica scandal, in which the data of millions of users was collected and sold without their knowledge.

Facebook terms of service update

Facebook claims that this update is not about “asking for new rights to collect, use or share your data”. It’s more an attempt to make their policies “clearer” for users.

Amazon and Google troubled by fake reviews

With the amount of online shopping available, product reviews are getting more and more important. But, a report by the Washington Post points out that many of these reviews are the result of sellers paying for fake reviews.

Customers rely heavily on reviews when buying online, and this influx of fake reviews is seriously misleading. According to the Post, a lot of these fake reviews originate on Facebook, which isn’t good in the wake of the fake news allegations.

Google and Amazon have both taken steps in the past to control these spam reviews. But are they doing enough to prevent them influencing search results?

Chrome tests new themed suggestions feature based on search history

Google is testing a new feature in the Chrome browser that shows users themed search suggestions based on their past searches.

Google Chrome themed suggestions

These are displayed directly on the Chrome start screen. According to a Google spokesperson, they aim to “help people continue exploring tasks and activities they’re engaged in more easily on Search.”

Google, Amazon and Netflix have fun on April Fool’s day

This month kicked off with April Fool’s Day, and there were lots of jokes from the big brands. Some of Google’s pranks involved “Rickrolling” in the beta version of Google Search Console, a “Where’s Waldo?” game on Google Maps and their rebranding to “Googz”.

Google April fools

Amazon introduced an Amazon Publishing service, where you can have your favourite author sent directly to your door. Netflix announced they had acquired actor Seth Rogen in a lifetime deal.

If you’ve noticed anything interesting in April, leave us a comment or tweet us at @iThinkMedia. Keep up to date with our #ThinkSearch roundups to learn the latest happenings in SEO, social and Paid Media.

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