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#ThinkSearch July Wrap Up Search Highlights

July may have flown past us but over the past month we have seen a lot of activity, changes and updates across the digital landscape. To keep you in the loop, we have put together key search highlights from July.

Book spa and salon appointments via Reserve with Google

Launched in the US, users can now book their spa and salon appointments directly from Google using ‘Reserve with Google’. This means users can book their appointment via a simple search, without even entering the company’s site. Users can select their appointment time, see pricing and submit their information to reserve a time.

This new feature will allow Google to collect a variety of data on its users whilst also keeping users hooked on the Google platform. 


Facebook launches groups for pages

Facebook is giving administrators the ability to create their own groups, allowing brands to target and boost engagement within niche groups. The update allows users to see which groups are officially sponsored and which ones are just created by fans. This means a Page’s biggest fan can join in on more in-depth discussion and become part of day-to day conversations with the brands they love.

The Group for Pages update could be a powerful tool for brands looking to engage, connect and build true communities with people that care about their brand.

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 17.13.46

Google changes sitelinks design to carousel format

Google has confirmed that they will be introducing a new design for how sitelinks will appear on mobile search result pages after a year of testing. Sitelinks are additional links within a snippet of the search results that allow searches to jump to important pages on that site.

Sitelinks will now appear in a carousel-based design for mobile search results. The new design has increased user experience, allowing searchers to easily swipe left or right across the sitelinks quickly taking them to the relevant page they are searching for.

Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 11.16.22

Facebook’s new targeting feature lets brands target ads at entire families

Facebook is introducing a new household audience feature that will let brands direct ads to entire families or specific people within a household. The tool can help to aim ads at people who influence purchasing decisions and other ads to people who make the purchases within a household.

The new household ad targeting feature will also help reduce wasted ad spend. For example, if someone has already bought a household specific product, such as a Netflix subscription, Facebook will use this customer database information to stop showing these ads to specific households.


Update to Adwords interface comes with new features

There are new features available on AdWords that offer further optimisation opportunities. Announced on the 25th July, bid adjustments for calls can be used to get call extensions to show in mobile search campaigns.

They have also introduced a Words tab in the search box shown on the campaign Overview that provides an n-gram view of the words included in the search terms that have triggered ads in the campaign. You can also hover over a word or phrase to see a pop-up list of search queries that contain it and the impressions, clicks and conversions of each.

adwords update

Google has dropped Instant Search

Google has removed the Instant Search feature seven years after it was launched to bring search more inline with mobile devices and easier to use in terms of layout and display. With over 50% of Google searches now being made on mobile, Google want to focus on making search even faster across all devices.

As you type you will still be able to see search suggestions but they will only load if clicked on. The new developments will hopefully lead to a smoother, faster user experience.

google instant search

Google takes on Facebook in latest planned news feed update

Google has announced that they will be adding a news feed to their website and app, which will show personalised news on your Google homepage before you carry out a search. This is in a bid to out do Facebook, their biggest rival in this personalised news space. Want more info on this? Read our blog post for the full lowdown. 

Google taks on facebook

Do you have any search highlights from July? Comment below or Tweet us at @Honcho_Search.

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