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The Apple Watch, Wearable Tech & SEO

The Apple Watch, Wearable Tech & SEO On Monday 9th March, Apple unveiled the Apple Watch. While early reviews have been mixed, some experts are predicting that initial negativity will have little impact on its success. But, whatever happens with Apple, for how much longer can we ignore the effect that wearable technology will inevitably have on our lives? The wearable technology market is predicted to increase to as much as $50bn over the next three to five years, with 2015 being hailed as the year of its breakthrough. With this in mind, it’s a good time to look a little deeper into wearable technology and its possible effect on the SEO and content marketing industries.

The effect of wearable devices on search results

Hailed as one of the most disruptive technologies since the smartphone, wearable tech will undoubtedly affect the way businesses and customers communicate online. A current Google search results page displays 10 organic listings on a desktop computer. Shrink the screen down to the size of a watch and this is will obviously be reduced accordingly – that’s if a results page is even generated at all. Google reports that 55% of teens and 40% of adults are already using voice search. Plus, with digital personal assistants at the ready, it’s more important than ever to optimise for long-tail topic-based queries as well as specific exact-match keywords. Website content will need to anticipate the questions a reader wants answered and deliver answers in a more conversational way.

The impact on local search

Wearable technology is designed to be used on the move making users more likely to be using search engines to fulfil a short-term need, such as: where is the nearest cashpoint or coffee shop? Local SEO will become even more important and businesses without up-to-date local profiles could get left behind. Remember to include your contact number(s), opening times, address and URL every time your business location is cited online.

The future of search & wearable technology

It will be vitally important for brands to monitor their user experience on wearable devices. Understanding how customers interact with the new technologies will allow you to adjust your SEO and content strategies to target wearable technology, in the same way you now target mobile.

My current favourite wearable technology products

Fitbit Charge HR

I’m currently on a mission to get fit and run 10k before my summer holiday. This subtle bracelet is helping me to push myself further by monitoring the distance I cover and keeping track of the calories I burn while running.

Barclaycard bPay

This is my favourite of the current contactless payment offerings. It is effectively a debit card on your wrist. It works by adding money from any Visa or MasterCard® debit or credit card to the bPay band. Pretty handy for when you want to make a quick payment without rooting around in your bag for your wallet or purse.

Microsoft HoloLens

Although the latest augmented reality device from Microsoft is not yet available to buy, it is definitely on my wish list. Worn like a large set of goggles, the HoloLens enables the wearer to interact with virtual 3D objects. One feature is remote instruction – step-by-step instructions on tasks including home repair and cooking.

The most bizarre wearable products


A wearable device for your dog! Voyce provides information about your dog’s calorie output, heart rate and general wellbeing. Voyce comes with a hefty price tag of US$299 and an additional annual membership of US$99.


The lazy man’s wearable fitness product. Belt-y is a belt that expands along with your growing waistline. It’s meant to shame you into not binge eating. Our advice: save your money and work on your willpower!

Sony Smart Brand SWR10

A band that alerts you to incoming texts and calls. However, it doesn’t have a screen meaning that you still have to check your phone to view the call or message, adding an unnecessary step into what was already a very simple procedure.
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