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Ariat EU

Taking an American brand on a European hack

Client: Ariat
Services: PPC, Google Shopping

81%surpassed the Q1 revenue target
2.7times more profitable on ROI than forecasted

Business challenge

With a renowned state-side heritage and equestrian reputation, but limited awareness and customer demand in Europe, Ariat was in need of paid media support to build a presence in this new territory.

For a quality brand, it is important to get the audience demographic just right. We had to understand the audience – what did Ariat’s European customer look like? Where do they normally shop? Where do we get their attention when they are not price-driven?

Its products were available through respected retailers, which served it well, but creating demand through its own site was the goal. Our challenge was to drive customers directly to Ariat Europe, to complement – and without cannibalising – their existing European retail relationships.

How we solved it

With Ariat’s customers falling into a premium demographic and cost not being a huge factor in their decision-making process, we decided to run search, display, shopping and social media adverts that didn’t compete with price. This isn’t a common solution in PPC, as many customers are attracted to adverts that feature a guide price. However, with Ariat we recognised that the customers were not looking for value, they were seeking quality items. The success of this project was dependent on positioning Ariat as an authority source, rather than commercially driven.

We treated the brand as a startup, as essentially the European market was new to them having only just launched a website in Q1. We set up all channels, and set targets for revenue to benchmark and justify the ROI.

Then it was time to set some house rules. We wanted to manage the potential clash or duplication with the retailers’ own advertising, so we handled Ariat’s relationships within the search-sphere by outlining keyword ownership. We are still working on European growth tactics for Ariat ongoing as a result of a successful UK launch.


“We took on the challenge of making an American brand successful in another market and it’s been incredibly rewarding – seeing Ariat going from strength to strength across the UK and throughout Europe as a result of a strong PPC campaign.”