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Paid social activity efficiently scaled 165.24%

Services: Paid Search, Shopping & Paid Social

Key stats:

  • 25.37% Increase in Paid Social ROAS
  • 25.37% Increase in Paid Social Conv Rate
  • -17.83% Decrease in Paid Social CPA

About the client

Ariat have been blending technology and performance in their equestrian, western and country products for over 25 years, expanding from the US into the UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

After helping Ariat establish a strong foothold in the UK market in 2019, we were tasked in supporting their direct to consumer expansion into key locations within Mainland Europe.


  • Identify key markets within the Europe to expand
  • Scale Paid Social activity 200% in Europe
  • Launch New Workwear range in the UK

Our strategy

As part of an omni channel strategy encompassing paid search, shopping and paid social we created a strategy complemented the other paid media channels and provided a self sustainable revenue stream.

We applied a testing framework to our campaigns to effectively test and learn the best combinations of creative, copy, and ad formats.

As two of the markets had relatively low brand awareness or traffic we upweighted prospecting activity in these countries. This built retargeting pools for our dynamic ads activity and provided enough data to build high performing lookalikes.

Once we established key learning for each country we refined our activity and increased our ad spend to ensure our budget was being spent efficiently. Using a bespoke dashboard to fluidly allocate budget to high performing countries, audiences and strategies. This reduced our media spend wastage and maximised efficiency.

Key tactics to driving efficiency included:

  • Implemented Facebook best practice to improve efficiency at scale across all markets
  • Creating fixed campaigns for each stage of the purchase journey to maintain learnings
  • Utilised dynamic formats (Collection ads and Dynamic carousels) which had a slower ad fatigue than static creative.

The results

  • Generated +157.48% Transactions YoY
  • Drove +165.24% more revenue YoY
  • Reduced our Cost per Transaction by -17.83% YoY
  • Improved Conv. rates: +20.68% YoY
  • AOV: +3.01%
  • Increased ROAS: +25.37% YoY
  • Successfully launched the Workwear to be the third highest revenue stream in the UK

“Honcho has been an invaluable extension of our team ever since we started working with them. Their campaign adaptation to our different target markets and product categories combined with their ‘going the extra mile’ attitude and flexibility have been instrumental in the continuous growth of our European business. Not only have they taken our campaigns to the next level, they’re also great fun and really easy to work with.”