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Group 1

Unparallelled advanced technical SEO from
the start line for Group 1

Client: Group 1
Services: Techical SEO

40%increase in conversation rate
5.5%increase in session duration
18%faster page load times

Business challenge

Group 1 – an international Fortune 500 automotive retailer – has been working with Honchō for almost three years. During this time technical SEO has been central to our digital marketing strategy.

Group 1 has gone through a number of mergers and acquisitions which added to the complexity in managing the optimisation and growth of the account. Our technical experts created a roadmap that included five major migrations along with a series of advanced strategic technical solutions to ensure Group 1 led the way within the automotive sector.

How we solved it

Our technical SEO strategy was underpinned by the ultimate goal of improving the user experience and making it super easy for search engines to crawl, index and rank content.

Our immediate focus was to get the basics right and achieve excellence in building strong foundations, using our knowledge of the automotive landscape. Once the performance of the site was significantly enhanced, it was time to unlock more advanced strategies.

Personalised experience

  • We built a feature which allowed users to see a more personalised used car inventory, dependent on their location or where they were accessing the website from
  • With a constantly changing inventory and new cars being sold and uploaded all the time, we created an automated solution to manage and ease the process. When new pages are added with listings, they now just automatically populate with unique content that is aligned to the users’ questions and interest for the specific model
  • We aligned user needs with the taxonomy. Based on our extensive research of the automotive landscape, we identified new opportunities within the used car search results. Benefits to the end customer from these developments are that they can refine their search and find the right car model for their needs
  • We optimised the CDN caching set-up, allowing us to enhance the performance of the site significantly

Measurement and reporting

From integrating call tracking to general analytics setup; we performed a number of analytics audits and configurations. We also managed to create a single view reporting dashboard by combining data from eight old analytics accounts into one master report to showcase the performance against KPIs.

Is that all too technical? Well, let’s keep it very light and say, in summary we; improved the site speed loading times, personalised the customer search experience, optimised the website structure, and ensured customers were seeing accurate and up-to-date information. All part of the wider digital marketing strategy to maintain Group 1’s leading position.

Group 1

“We are adept at creating fully technical and effective strategies for big Fortune 500 brands like Group 1. There’s not a client too big or too small that won’t benefit from SEO.”