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Group 1 Automotive

589% increase in revenue for leading electronics brand

Services: Paid Social

44 million people reached
NO. 1Page one rankings for all ZOE terms
4848 backlinks
4,9234,932 social media engagements

About the client

Group 1 Automotive is an international retailer group with over 70 sites operating in the UK, covering a range of manufacturers. An Automotive business with a long history, Group 1 Automotive is constantly striving to provide unparalleled service.

Honchō manages Group 1 Automotive’s paid & organic strategy, covering SEO, paid search, display, content, outreach & digital PR, and paid social.

Paid social has always been a strong channel for Group 1 Automotive, frequently driving extra coverage around sales events and promotional focuses.


Historically Group 1’s Paid Social activity was undertaken on a tactical basis supporting individual campaigns/promotions. In line with Facebook’s best practice we were keen to shift away from solely being a tactical channel to deliver leads through business as usual activity, targeting customers as they entered the market for a new car.

Some of our key objectives for the client were:

  • Increase leads and sessions across the group
  • Scale and grow retargeting activity
  • Drive an efficient Cost per Lead


Given the multiple stakeholders involved, the hardest factor was to manage the expectations of the brand managers who could see the value in our proposal but felt pressure from manufacturers to support the campaigns. Moving from tactical to always on suggested the previous approach wasn’t working, when in fact we had identified a more efficient strategy.

However, through our proposal we highlighted a number of strength to this new approach:

  • Traffic would be delivered more efficiently as the AI had more data to optimise based off
  • Implementing a better testing framework would deliver a more engaged audience as we ascertain the best audiences
  • Remarketing would ensure our audience continued to engage with Group 1 over their competition throughout the path to purchase

Our strategy

Keen to utilise the funnel fully we deployed prospecting campaigns targeting an engaged audience with a higher propensity to be interested in Group 1, the manufacturer and offering. Content & messaging was built around these users and designed to excite them into exploring further.

Having cultivated this engaged audience we activated remarketing to highlight key USPs of the offering that may lead to the user wanting to come back to Group 1 Automotive and continue their car search within the group.

Retargeting was setup to provide short-term reengagement to users showing them the content that they were last engaging with to keep the brand at the forefront of their mind. Through working with Group 1’s CRM database we were keen to understand performance around “upgrade moments”, using the database to prioritise people coming towards the end of their current finance deals.

The results

  • 80% increase in traffic
  • 63% rise in goal completions
  • 35% decrease in average CPCs
  • 42% increase in ad engagement rates
  • 34% rise in retargeting leads
  • CPL decreased 32% in the first 4 months of using the new strategy
Group1 Automotive


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