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Writing successes for eBay – 6,000 times over!

Client: Ebay
Services: Content, Copywriting
Timeframe: Jan – March 2017

8%increase in revenue
6000pages on the site were refreshed

Business problem we solved

Online retail giant, eBay, was in need of a content refresher. It is, of course, a well-known and successful site, but being so broad in its offering and with so many products available, it needs to ensure each one of its pages is engaging, informative, and cuts through the shopping noise.

It’s a fairly simple equation for all retailers: better content = more dwell time and destination purpose = improved rankings + traffic + conversion rates.

eBay came to us with 12,000 category pages that they were keen to improve.

Honchō treatment

Data and insight is everything to Honchō – we take a logical, analytical approach. So we suggested an A-B test whereby we’d experiment with 6,000 of these pages to ensure our content strategy would actually bring an uplift in rankings as predicted. This was also a risk-minimising tactic that enabled us to learn what would work for different categories.

And it worked. We took an in-depth look at pages, adding in high-quality, informative copy to give visitors context of the products they were searching for, and to improve the overall shopping experience. This boosted organic rankings, so within a six week period we rolled out this content approach on 6,000 pages to write, optimise, internally link and code. This kind of large-scale copywriting project is a breeze for our expert content team. We can undertake big refreshers like this, but are also nimble on smaller refresher projects.


“The team at Honchō offers optimum flexibility in tasks, timescales and scalability. Their relationship management and general can-do approach, combined with their rock-solid reliability and understanding of our sites is excellent. They are also fun to work with!”

Chris Reynolds, Head of SEO Europe at eBay Inc.


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Undertaking a large SEO copywriting project for online retail giant eBay, conducting tests to ensure low risk and high reward. As a result, 6,000 pages were written and eBay saw an 8% increase in revenue.

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