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E-A-T assessment for 80 different Gumtree sites worldwide in 8 different languages

Bespoke evaluation system based on Google’s Quality guidelines.
Client: Gumtree.com (ECG)
Services: Content, On-Page/Off-Page Analysis

Key stats:

  • audits performed for 8 total countries, 8 different languages
  • 20 total assessments for a total of 80 sites across the globe, including 60 competitors.

Based on our findings, we then provided specific recommendations to each local marketing team on how to improve their Authority, Expertise and Trust in the specific country

About the Client

Gumtree.com, known as Gumtree, is an online classified advertisement and community website part of the ECG group together with eBay, selling and having different websites across different countries worldwide.

Business challenge

In light of Google’s recent focus on Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness – Honchō was tasked with designing an E-A-T assessment of all ECG domains for 9 different markets and comparing the resulting score against 3 close competitors for each market.

Honchō treatment

Honchō designed an evaluation and scoring system which covered the key themes and topics mentioned in Google’s quality raters guidelines QRG.

We then created a condensed version of the QRG to instruct our raters before beginning the evaluation process and prepared the evaluation checklist for each market, including all the pages that needed to be analysed for the ECG domain and all the relevant competitors.

Once the evaluation prep was completed, we recruited suitable candidates to take part within our evaluation; they needed to be native speakers living in the country for the analysed market, have some IT literacy but not be specialists, they shouldn’t have been aware of ECG domains – it was key to follow the same criteria as Google to ensure our final analysis was as valid as possible.

The raters performed the evaluation over 1 – 2 weeks.

Once completed, we looked over the documents to ensure that all work was satisfactory and began compiling our overview and recommendations around the issues we found, the exposure to risk of penalties or opportunities for them to improve their authority and E-A-T score.