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Red Letter Days

Website migration for Red Letter Days

Client: Red Letter Days Services: SEO, Technical SEO, SEO Audits, SEO Migration Timeframe: Q3 2018
10K+pages migrated successfully with no impact on traffic
100%satisfaction by client in project delivery and results

Business problem we solved

Red Letter Days needed to move its website to a new platform. We had to handle this CMS migration without losing any traffic and organic search rankings. Easy enough? Well, this can quickly become a fatal business move and a logistical nightmare for a brand when done incorrectly. It’s even more of a risk when the structure of the site is complex.

Honchō treatment

We established a trust-led relationship with the client, so we are an extension of the in-house digital team. Our technical SEO consultancy began with a pre-migration audit, identifying and eliminating any issues before moving to the new platform – saving time (and money!).

Red Letter Days

“The team guided us through the migration giving clear direction and technical SEO recommendations pre, during and post. They were happy to offer advice when we had follow-up queries and continue to be clear in the actions that are needed to improve the health of the site overall. We look forward to now continuing working with Honchō to move our organic presence forward.”

Katie Fensome, SEO & Content Manager


<a href="/services/content/product-descriptions/" class="white">Product Descriptions</a>


Working with retail giant New Era on a scale copywriting project to refresh its product descriptions for each new product collection. As seasoned writers, we managed to achieve an average of nine working days per 450 product descriptions.

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Guiding Spire Healthcare through a major migration with a rigid plan. The website received a clean bill of health, with a 34% rise in organic page views and an increase in page 1 rankings.

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Undertaking a large SEO copywriting project for online retail giant eBay, conducting tests to ensure low risk and high reward. As a result, 6,000 pages were written and eBay saw an 8% increase in revenue.

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Teaming up with WWE WrestleMania to get the public talking about the annual event. Using a comprehensive PPC strategy to see 800 million impressions, a 35% increase in Twitter followers and a 15% rise in YoY sales.