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New Era

Launching paid media campaign for New Era
as it tackles the urban retail market in Europe

Client: New Era
Services: PPC

X6Six new territories identified
45%increase in traffic YOY
51%Boost in YOY sales by 51%

Business challenge

International markets vary significantly – even with similar consumer trends and demands, the local customer is unique. And as such, every market’s potential customer needs to consume adverts and copy that is relevant and appeals to them, in order to have a chance of converting these into sales.

New Era is renowned and successful in the USA and the UK for its urban clothing line – but it was literally a new era for the brand when it wanted to reach the European market. A market potential had been identified but the execution required PPC campaigns and insight to make sure its expansion beyond the UK was a success.

How we solved it

Working with New Era, we identified and prioritised six new European territories and created specific targeted campaigns for each with landing pages, keywords and localised translated ad copy.

Using in-house and external translation skills, we were able to create compelling ads to reach potential customers within our target locations right here from our converted barn in rural Hertfordshire. With the knowledge that English is a common second language in Europe, campaigns were also created to capture English speaking customers to ensure that our campaigns remained relevant for expats and English-only searchers.

By manipulating the campaigns to serve the local search, traffic naturally increased and over time through optimisation, the cost-per-click reduced. As a result of our success and proven understanding of local markets and how to reach customers, Honchō not only saw positive uplift in performance but won further content projects with New Era.

New Era

“I have worked with Honchō for over 2 years now and have been very impressed with their service and understanding of both the PPC world and our business. The team at Honchō are always willing to go the extra mile; from regular face to face meetings to being proactive and able to deliver campaigns at short notice. I find them to be highly knowledgeable in all areas of PPC, being extremely reactive to any new developments within the industry. We have continued to see improvements in all our PPC metrics including conversions, cost per conversion and ultimately ROI. I would not hesitate to recommend Honchō to any prospective clients. Thank you for all your hard work.”

Annayah Feroz, Acquisition Manager, New Era