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Slicing through the Black Friday noise
with tasty limited deals

Client: Riverside Garden Centre
Services: PPC

258%increase to the campaign conversion rate
NO. 1A return on ad spend of more than £70:1 for the day of Black Friday
X3Nearly three times more sales than the previous year

Business challenge

Black Friday. Much like marmite, you either love it or hate it as a retailer, but it still happens every year. Customers have become accustomed to this autumnal season of pre-Christmas discounts and deals. Experts put a whopping price tag of £7bn on Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping in 2018. So you’ve got to be in it to win it!

Competition has become fierce between retailers during this period, with some brands opting for month-long discounts and slashing prices at 50% to reel in sales. So how can a brand stand out when everyone is running deals? Riverside Garden Centre wanted to feed its customers’ appetite with promotions, without compromising on the quality and credibility of its products.

How we solved it

The solution we developed for Riverside Garden Centre was an hourly advertised offer. To reinforce the quality of its products and avoid cheapening the brand, we held back on deals until Black Friday itself.

On the day, we developed a series of tasty, irresistible offers for its best selling products so that customers saw real savings, as opposed to offers on those end of line/last season items.

Each was a limited offer revealed on the hour, lasting for just an hour. This helped us to capitalise on consumer impulse purchase trends. Riverside Garden Centre benefited from its best-ever Black Friday sales yet!


“Big events like January sales, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are extremely competitive periods in retail. In order to succeed you have to set yourself apart with a unique offer – the hourly twist for Riverside kept the campaigns fresh, engaging and more successful than ever.”


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We launched a Black Friday Shopping campaign for Riverside Garden Centre to target bestselling items, which saw a 258% increase to campaign conversion rate and a ROAS of over 70:1.