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Simply Be - Blog Post Writing

Creating hero blog content that recognised
Simply Be’s influencer community

Client: SimplyBe
Services: Content – Blog Post Writing

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33Average domain authority of 33
407Facebook shares
3793Reached additional 3793 from journalists’ amplification

Business challenge

Simply Be is a leader in plus size clothing. But to get to this position isn’t an overnight and unmaintained job. Regular content that engages readers and reinforces expertise is crucial for a brand to establish itself as a point of interest or information for customers – beyond sales.

To help solidify Simply Be’s authoritative and credible voice in the plus size space, we wanted to create a diverse portfolio of backlinks. We were working with Simply Be on its regular blog post writing, with more than 15 types of articles, but wanted to create hero blog content that would significantly drive links.

Influencers are a great way for a blog to receive links, and we know that when it comes to fashion the influencer game is huge. Customers are looking for advice, tips and answers from both brands and influencers; hence the growth in influencer marketing as a powerful tactic. But influencers – understandably – are reluctant to link to commercial pages because they are aware that it devalues their readers’ experience and relationship with them.

How we solved it

The influencer game is ever-changing, and as a leading plus-size brand, we wanted Simply Be to be associated with the up and coming talent. The solution: a blog post on “The Plus Size Bloggers To Watch Out For.”

The result: a quality piece of blog content (www.simplybe.com/en-us/blog/plus-size-bloggers-to-watch-out-for) and 12 influencers sharing their mention and a link to the piece through their own channels and social media. If we created content that influencers were proud to shout about, then we knew that they would be more likely to link to it.

Our influencer list was curated based on two criteria: 1. High domain authority within the fashion niche and 2. Engagement and active presence on Instagram. The Honchõ Outreach team liaised with the bloggers to include them in the planned blog piece and arrange social media amplification, who were all flattered and delighted to be included.

What made this content piece especially successful was that we were looking to recognise bloggers beyond the conventional well-known influencers. Giving recognition to smaller, but up and coming accounts, gave these influencers a platform to grow.


“It’s often the most simplest and original of ideas that generate the most results in PR and outreach. Our concept for Simply Be was rewarding all round; for both influencers and the site’s SEO performance as a result of all the credible link juice.”