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Simply Be - Outreach

Helping women find the perfect jeans fit

Client: SimplyBe
Services: Outreach / PR

91%91% of links were to commercial pages
150150 links pointing to the denim range page
9%Domain authority of site increased 9%
107K+people engaged with content
5K+likes on the video content

Business challenge

Jeans are a wardrobe staple. But the struggle to find the perfect fit denim is a hurdle that almost every woman faces. Simply Be – the champion of plus size clothing – wanted to communicate that it is able to offer that perfect fit for its customers.

A link-building campaign can still be tricky for an established brand that leads in its field because it is a noisy and competitive space. We devised a show-stoppingly creative PR and Outreach campaign for Simply Be that got people talking, and more importantly, drove those crucial links and traffic to its denim collection.

How we solved it

Every Outreach and PR campaign starts with ideation. We have to really get into the mind of the customer and ask “what topics do they care about or want to read?”. We analysed a lot of bloggers videos in Simply Be’s target demographic and noticed that the quest for the perfect fit denim was a battle felt by many women.

Jeans seemed to be an investment garment – but also a staple. From work wardrobe to nights out, to chilled weekend vibes; the denim had to fit right and flatter for all occasions. Many women were finding the jeans shopping process stressful and there were a range of standard funny moves when trying on a pair.

Our campaign involved a series of videos and infographic that would help women identify the perfect pair of jeans: “The Seven Moves to Test your Jeans for the Perfect Fit”. We worked with social influencers to engage them in our campaign and to work together to produce a series of videos and articles that talked about the moves to try when testing jeans and to offer Simply Be’s expert tips and advice. In partnership with Simply Be’s PR team, we were in contact with journalists, so offer them the same tips and advice to share with readers.

Using our Content and SEO services in combination with Outreach, meant that not only were we creating new, linkable content for Simply Be, we were also providing advice-led editorial from the brand itself, as optimising all content for SEO to support keyword ranking throughout the campaign.

The #MyGenesMyFit campaign was an outreach success – with a record number of links and social engagement for Simply Be, and helped solidify its leading position as fashion, and more notably denim, experts.


“These moves will brighten up jeans shopping. Each and every one of our customers deserve to find their perfect fit and this will help them get the most from our new denim collection and all their future jeans shopping experiences.”

Jane Reik, Head of Buying, Womenswear for Simply Be


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