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Roberts Radio

589% increase in revenue for leading electronics brand

Service: Paid Search and Paid Social

215%increase in clicks
589%increase in revenue

About the Client

Founded in 1932, Roberts Radio began as a small business, handcrafting only three radios a week. Today, they are one of the largest producers of portable radios in the UK market.

We partnered with Roberts Radio to produce and manage their Paid Media strategy, with the aim of setting them apart from their competitors.


Our aim was to support Roberts Radio through their peak promotional period in Q4. As a retail business, Black Friday and Christmas are vital dates for strong performance.

The key objectives for the client were:

  • Drive traffic and support the seasonal promotions
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Support Roberts Radio to hit sales targets


At the time we took over the account Roberts Radio were still relatively new to the direct to consumer market. Much of the early account work was undertaken in bringing the account in line with retail best practice and developing a better testing framework. Whilst they saw strong results from resellers it was important that we optimise the activity to promote the new offering.

Although Roberts Radio is a well-established brand, they faced issues similar to other brands in the retail landscape that we had to contend with.

These were:

  • Competitive and crowded market space
  • Busiest time of the year in terms of communication
  • Low consumer confidence due to second lockdown

Our strategy

For our Paid Search strategy, we focused our efforts on the upper funnel activity, utilising 6 core categories.

This activity allowed us to speak to consumers as they entered the market, effectively minimising any drop in awareness over time, all while putting us in the forefront of the user’s mind when in the market.

We also implemented a new structure for all Paid Shopping activity, introducing a dynamic performance-based taxonomy.

This allowed us to maximise spend and visibility on the products that performed the best over a 14-day period and minimise how much we were spending on products that weren’t selling as well at any given time.

We also implemented Paid Social activity to support our Search strategy.

Using in-depth audience research and insights, we used social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram, to grow brand awareness and showcase the offers using eye-catching assets.

The results

Paid Search (Q4 vs Q3)

  • 215% increase in clicks
  • 222% increase in sessions
  • 589% increase in revenue

Paid Social (Q4 vs Q3)

  • 777% increase in clicks
  • 642% increase in sessions
  • 136% increase in revenue
Roberts Radio

“The Honchō team was an excellent support throughout Q4, our busiest time of the year. Through strategic search, shopping and social campaigns, Honchō helped us to achieve some fantastic results. We’re excited to continue our partnership with the team throughout 2021.”