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Sarah Raven

Sales driven through Shopping grow 75%

Client: Sarah Raven
Services: Paid Search

75%Sales up 75%
88%Revenue up 88%
15%CPCs down 15%

About the client

Sarah Raven is a published author and television presenter best known for her Gardening skills. She has presented on BBC Gardeners’ World and in 1999 set up the brand to sell seeds.

Now Sarah Raven offer a comprehensive range of seeds, plants and gardening kits. They pride themselves on the quality of the products and Sarah trials most of what we sell in her garden before they are offered “in store”. They are now seen as one of the UKs leading direct to consumer gardening businesses.

We partnered with Sarah Raven in June 2020 to restructure and manage their Paid Media strategy.


Our aim was to support Sarah Raven in their transition from being reliant on traditional media to using more digital platforms. When we started our relationship the biggest sales drivers were catalogues and email marketing, suggesting there was a new audience available for them to target.


With the reliance on traditional media formats, we needed to ensure that any changes we made would enhance performance rather than cannibalise other channels.

Given they already had shopping campaigns in place, our key obstacle was finding an efficient way to scale their existing activity.

Our strategy

The focus was restructuring their shopping product feed and campaigns to create an efficient way to scale existing activity by:

  • Employing a ‘bestsellers’ ad group structure to help scale performance through the top performing products. These included all products that had sold more than 15 units in the last 30 days, with higher max cpc bids to allow for greater impression share.
  • Capturing greater search traffic by trialling different keyword-rich product titles in the feed structure, and by ensuring all relevant product attributes were as populated as they should be.
  • Identifying the sweet spot between impression share and keeping within CPA targets by carrying out numerous bidding tests.

The results

Paid Shopping (Jun 19 – May 20 vs Jun 20 – May 21)

  • Traffic driven to the site was grown by +125% YoY
  • Helped by CPCs being driven down across all categories -15% YoY.
  • Whilst also increasing overall impression share by +17% YoY.
  • Sales driven through the Shopping channel grew +75% YoY.
  • Increasing revenue by +88% YoY.
Sarah Raven

“The Honchō team was an excellent support throughout Q4, our busiest time of the year. Through strategic search, shopping and social campaigns, Honchō helped us to achieve some fantastic results. We’re excited to continue our partnership with the team throughout 2021.”