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Swiss Holiday

Competing with travel giants to put Switzerland on the map

Client: Swiss Holiday Co
Services: SEO, Outreach & Digital PR

165%increase in the number of leads
No. 1Top spot for the head term “Switzerland holidays”

Business challenge

Competing with big travel sites can be a tough gig for a smaller, specialised travel agent. Even if you are the best at what you do in your niche, you may not have the marketing spend for those big swanky TV adverts, social media campaigns, or influencer endorsement.

Being visible to your potential customers on the first search page in this environment can seem near-impossible. Our challenge was to make it possible for Swiss Holiday Company.

How we solved it

Swiss Holiday Company first sought our services through one of our SEO training sessions. We delved a little deeper with a comprehensive technical SEO audit to spot fixable issues, and worked with the team to realign and optimise the website architecture.

You’ve got to shout about what you’re good at right? Especially when it is something your competitors haven’t got. We teased the Swiss expertise and knowledge to the front of the site so customers were fed the right information at the right point in their search journey.

This made Swiss Holiday Company the obvious, trusted choice for Swiss holiday. It even resulted in a business first by reaching its goal of being featured on page one of searches for its head term.


“We are highly impressed with the Honchō team. They provided in-depth SEO analysis on our website and presented their report in a clear, methodical way. This was vital, as we are not a particularly technical company!

The recommendations were helpfully separated into logical subject areas, with direction as to which actions we could take ourselves and which would have to be implemented by our developer. The team are happy to offer advice when we have follow-up queries and continue to be patient with us and clear in their recommendations.

We have already seen an improvement in our search engine results and look forward to further success as we continue to utilise the insight provided by Honchō.”

Jaynie Kilkenny, The Swiss Holiday Company.