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(+44) 01438 870220
Social Advertising


Get your ads seen by millions worldwide on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

Paid social ads are a great medium to promote brand awareness, build engagement and subsequently increase conversions.Unlike other advertising methods, social media advertising helps to even the playing field between large and small businesses; Paid social ads find you, you don’t find them! The powerful targeting features on each social platform mean you can build custom audiences based on demographic,interests, age, location, job title, keywords and so much more. We offer customised audience targeting solutions for your business on all major social media platforms, to ensure you have the most impact online.
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Benefits of Social Advertising

  • Instant traffic to your website or social profile
  • Build brand awareness and customer engagement
  • Choose from multiple social platforms
  • Supports video, image and text ad formats
  • Highly customised audience targeting

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Vibrant Partnerships
We run multiple campaigns with iThink Media across our portfolio of venues and products and they always ensure we get the best results. From brief through to reporting the Paid Team at iThink always go above and beyond tomeet our KPIs and objectives, whether it’s brand awareness or direct sales – they also work hard to achieve the best ROI for each campaign. Marketing Manager, Vibrant Partnerships
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